The problem

Manage, maintain and improve the management of the maritime transport company
International naval commercial transport company
since 2016

The solution

After several years, the maritime transport company decides to change the control of the evolution and maintenance of a management web app developed ad hoc by a software house, entrusting the improving and maintenance of the project to the Joint Technologies’s consultants.

Our contribution

After a phase of taking charge of the project, our Consultants evolve the web app, considerably increasing performance, potential and efficiency.

the web app is very complex as it manages the control and distribution of profits between pools of ships with precise and flexible algorithms. In addition, there is a strong interoperability between the management system, the payment and invoicing program and the physical travel management program. The management system must therefore interface with all these different entities, obtaining complete reporting which is also delivered to the end customer who owns the vessels and is part of the Pool.


The collaboration is strong and the Customer is satisfied to such an extent that the collaboration, to this day, is still very active and profitable.