The problem

To develop components of a project for the agencies of a tour operator with offices across the Country to create travel packages with alternatives and variants
A Tour operator with many agencies in the Country
since 2019

The solution

Development of software objects that can be configured and interfaced with platforms built with different technologies; design of a modern and functional user interface that allows Agency operators to work in a clear, reliable and fast way.

Our contribution

The onboarding of Joint Technologies to the project starts in 2019, and the contribution of our consultants concerns multiple aspects of the project, which is made up of different technologies and with specialized components to carry out the most various tasks.

Interoperability between the different components is crucial; nevertheless, a clear, modern and functional user interface helps Agency operators to make their work easily and quickly.

Joint Technologies took care of both aspects mentioned; a booking and quote engine was developed that allows interaction with different systems, and a modern and intuitive user interface was made with the most modern web technologies.

The internationalization of all the parameters of the object is fundamental; the currency, the time must always be converted in a coherent and usable way by the Agency operator.


The collaboration is solid and durable, our partner has entrusted us with the work with trust and awareness.

Joint Technologies is strongly involved in this project which get evolved in features constant updating and the implementation of new features.