Product description

The plugin for Moodle “SPID Authentication” is a specific feature to allow authentication via SPID to Moodle users.

SPID, the italian Public Digital Identity System, is the solution that allows you to access all the online services of the Public Administration and of the participating private entities with a single Digital Identity (username and password) usable by computers, tablets and smartphones.

With this plugin, e-learning service providers that uses moodle can offer their users Level 1/2 authentication service via SPID.

Moreover, you can decide to automatically create a user who logs in with SPID on the Moodle platform; or it is possible to grant SPID access only to users already registered on the platform.

Our CIE and SPID authentication plugins can be installed at the same time to offer the complete set of authentications recommended by AGID (the Italian gouvernment Identnty Agency).

Product features

Moodle 3.6 or higher
PHP 7.0 or higher
560 EUR (VAT excluded, single site/domain)

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