Product description

The forma.lms  Video Playlist plugin allows a teacher to directly define as a SCORM compliant Learning object a video uploaded directly in the system or available on an external streaming server.

streaming services available:

  • upload and stream from platform (direct url) mp4 video
  • direct url on external server video mp4
  • streaming from YouTube
  • streaming from BrightCove
  • streaming from Vimeo

Other streaming services can be added by specific request.

When a student uses streaming video through a platform player, the video viewing time and the viewing point are traced; at the end of the display (100% visualization) the learning object is placed in “Completed” status.
When the video is suspended, the Video Playlist starts the display from the point at which the vision was suspended.
If the streaming service allows it, the fast forward display is inhibited.
Implements tracking in standard scorm of use; the fruition sessions and the fruition status can be visualized by a teacher / administrator in the various reports / statistics / grid objects users with the data of the other SCORM objects.
With forma.lms Video Playlist plug-in is also available the “Track Presence” add-on (sold separately), that allows to periodically check the presence of the student.
The check period is customizable by the course’s Admin.

This plugin is forma.lms 4.0 Ready!

forma.lms 4.0 Ready!

Product features

Platform Version:
3.0 or higher
PHP 5.6 or higher
680 EUR (VAT excluded)

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