Product description

The forma.lms Web Conference plugin permits the integration of forma.lms with the most popular videoconferencing systems.
Participation in a meeting is integrated within the collaborative area and, optionally, within the training material of the course.

Plugin features:

  • Accurately track the participation of teachers and students in the meetings of a course;
  • Record meetings, with the option to review the recording at any time;
  • Define the roles of teacher / moderator and student, and to enable or disable certain options by correctly configuring the meeting within forma.lms.

The currently supported Web conference platforms are:

With the add-in technology, it is possible to activate all the supported Web Conference platforms at the same time.

Each Web conference platform has different options for setting up meetings.

If your Web Conference platform is not among those listed, please contact us; our development staff will make a feasibility study for the integration in forma.lms of your preferred Web conference platform.

This plugin is forma.lms 4.0 Ready!

forma.lms 4.0 Ready!

Product features

Platform Version:
3.0 or higher
PHP 7.0 or hifher

BBB integration: 1000 EUR (VAT excluded, single domain / site)
WebEx integration: 1000 EUR (VAT excluded, single domain / site)
Microsoft Teams integration: 1000 EUR (VAT excluded, single domain / site)

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