The problem

An important multinational company with thousands of collaborators all over the world has always given the highest priority to the development of its human resources.
The HR Department has for this purpose adopted a personnel management system (HRM) for years; moreover, for years the company has been using a teaching platform (LMS).
At the beginning of 2011 the company decided to adopt a new HRM and a new LMS solution integrated with it.

International Italian industry

The solution

The solution required for the LMS component must meet the following requirements:

  • must be oriented towards a company-type reality,
    it must be highly scalable, reliable and able to support thousands of users,
  • must comply with the SCORM standard (for course acquisition and delivery tracking), including optional parts of the standard,
  • must have a low license cost per user,
  • it must be multi-language,
  • must have advanced reporting.

Regarding integration, the solution must meet the following requirements:

  • single corporate sign-on and HRM system
  • automatic transfer of data related to training learning from LMS to HRM
  • integrated administrative console with HRM
  • integrated user-side dashboard HRM – LMS

Our contribution

In 2011 the Company decided to entrust the project to a partnership between a major Italian IT company and a prestigious consulting company, which in turn uses Dolceterra and Joint Technologies, a partner company of Dolceterra, for the technological development of the component LMS.


The system is still in use and business objectives have been achieved.
It was also highlighted how the social networking and knowledge management applications applied to the business world today help the insertion in the sales network of new personnel, both technical and commercial.